Hejnsvig Fodboldgolf
- hjemmebane for sjove oplevelser...

  • 4 - 6 players on each hole.
  • Each player has one ball - Each group of players shares one scorecard.
  • Draw lots on the first hole, to decide who will start.
  • Place the ball on the tee. Kick the ball with your foot 
  • The ball must be played there where it stops and may only be touched with the foot
  • If the ball is "not playable" - you can make a drop at the nearest playable place. - the cost: one "kick"/point
  • The player with the ball most far away from the hole - kicks first a.s.o.
  • At the start of each hole the ball must be placed on the Tee before kicking off
  • The player who used the least number of kicks on the previous hole, is starting as the first on the next hole
  • The winner is the one who uses the least number of kicks over 18 holes

Hejnsvig Fodboldgolf - Fugdalvej 4 - 7250 Hejnsvig - Mob.: 60 68 68 29

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